Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions



Terms and conditions

The following terms govern this site sumavaeh.com.  Continued use of this site expresses your full agreement to the following terms. Becoming a registered user of the site also is an agreement of consent to the following terms.


    1. Sumavaeh.com is the sole property of Sumavaeh Corp. any use of this site and the materials on it must be cleared by the SUMAVAEH team at SumavaehCorp@gmail.com  Do not repost, re-publish, sub-licence sell or lease any information on the site without getting permission from the SUMAVAEH team at SumavaehCorp@gmail.com. Do not re-publisize, duplicate or copy any of this information unless for personal use. Redistributing any info on this site in commercial transactions that has not been cleared for re use is strictly prohibited.
    2. Written consent is needed when ; data collection is used in a systematic or non systematic fashion this includes but is not limited to data harvesting extraction mining scrapping or otherwise without permission from the sumavaeh team. This site must not be used by anyone in this solar system to cause harm in anyway to the site itself or the ability to use the site by staff or consumer do note we appreciate the dark web community s/o the swipe team aka the hack gods nevertheless we strictly enforce our legal obligation to report any of an unlawful illegal or fraudulent abuse when it pertains to our site and the information on it resulting in a loss including real physical and intellectual property if harmful use is detected on any of the hard or software of this site it will be immediately reported. Linkining of our site in any way that constitutes a threat to our site or our customers property by means of virus rootkit trojan horse worm keystroke logger or any other malware is prohibited and will be immediately reported
    3. All warranties and products on this site are offered through the product manufacturer and not through sumavaeh corp sumavaeh.com is a store and is not liable for in opperable or damaged products When a case arises with nesessity of return the customer will be instructed to return the damaged item to the manufacturer and not the store refunds will be issued either through the store manufacturer or third party affiliate to assure quality assurance
    4. The prices we advertise on the site fluctuate. We will not be held liable for any loss taken by our customers lack of cart focus. In the event that a consumer purchases an item and the price was more than remembered the full price will be refunded apon rearival of the purchased material to SUMAVAEH CORP. All returns must be postd no more than 5 business days after the arival of the product to the customer after 5 business days you will no longer be able to return the products and no refund will be given. All returns must be returned in the original packaging in the same condition it was recieved.
  • This site offers no warranties all warranties are issued by the manufacturer
    1. This site is updated daily but may contain anomolous praice or information errors or out of date information though we fight rigorously to correct all issues we will not be held liable for any malfuction of the site unless it results inlosses to the customer. These losses will be investigated thoroughly and reimbused immediately
    2. By agreeing to these terms you aggree to protect the site from liabilities, losses, damages, costs, claims and all simular malicious activities resulting from your use of the site.
    3. If you agree to the following terms please feel free to enjoy the website. If not do not use the site.
    4. We have recently updated our GDPR and cookie settings to include targeted and non targeted ads EU users that are registered to the site will have access to thier personal data upon request at SumavaehCorp@gmail.com