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Your Source For Cutting Edge Technology, Converted E-Bikes & New Futuristic E-Vehicles (Bikes,Scooters,Boards, Ect. )

Here @SUMAVAEH Conversion Has Been A Staple of Our business. Bike riding has become a part of our everyday lives at a cost effective and MORE RELIABLE SOLUTION TO MASS TRANSIT IN Large and Small Cities and Suburban communities.

Because of that we have been on a mission to convert inexpensive and luxury bicycles into High Speed electric Vehicles at a lower price then our competitors. Using this method we are able to offer a variety of options to our clients to create a clear path to your new electric lifestyle. Our Conversions sell primarily in person or online on City based platforms (Craigslist, LetGo, FBMP etc.)  If you would like to purchase a fully Rebuilt Modified Converted to Electric Bike For A Great Price Join Our News Letter/Mailing List For Vehicles Selling In Your Area

Everything on the site is brand new

Our technicians will walk you through the conversion process if you are interested in Converting at home with step by step information and video tutorials Coming Soon.

We are available 9a.m. to 5p.m. Monday Through Friday (NY-EST_USA)

Since 2016 We have been updating peoples lives with simple but elegant tech Solutions as well as electric short trip vehicles. It has been a passion of ours to give to all the world effective electronic ride on solutions capable of simplifying our members lives @ a great price. From daily commute to simple to operate and Install smart gear and gadgets.  What to expect from us?: > Exotic Tech. Freedom and speed, Style and Convenience.


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